How To Install 69Phisher Tool in Termux

How To Install 69Phisher Tool For Termux

How To Install 69Phisher Tool in Termux?

Hi, Finally, I'm back with another article on the termux related tool. Many people who use Kali Linux has the same question, Can we use this tool on Kali? So I said yes. If you're a Linux user, then this tool can be used on both termux and Kali Linux.

All of you send me a lot of love on my recent article on sociophish tool for termux. And now I'm here to publish a new tool for the termux. Termux is a very basic app that is used to run GitHub Tools.

We use some commands to install the tool in termux. But what about special? In this website, I give you the practical video that can help you to understand the installation of this tool practically.

About 69Phisher Tool:

Now lets talk about the tool features and how it works in general. We know that every tool has its own functionalities and this phishing tool has many phishing templates that can help us to create phishing pages.

The tool “69Phisher” has been coded in bash Script, means that we face almost no errors during the installation of this tool. Furthermore, This tool is totally automatic. When you put the last command then this tool automatically install all the required packages.

Commands for Termux

Before executing this tool, make sure you have a stable internet connection. And you have to copy and paste the command in the terminal of termux. Must read about the zphisher tool.

  1. apt update
  2. apt upgrade -y
  3. pkg install git
  4. pkg install php
  5. pkg install curl
  6. pkg install wget
  7. git clone
  8. cd 69phisher
  9. chmod 777
  10. bash

The first two commands are used to update and upgrade the termux packages, and the next four commands are the important packages. If you're not installing these packages, your tool will not be executed.

After putting the last command, our tool start working and the tool interface appear in front of you. Now you have to select your attack type. In my case, I select number one or two.

Because many of us only want Facebook Hacking or Instagram Hacking. When you select the template, this tool generates a link for your victim. And now you have to send this link to your victim.

As soon as your victim click on the link and submitted the required information, then his/her account has been hacked. And all the submitted information is shown on the termux terminal.

Features of 69Phisher:

  • Latest Login Pages
  • Mask URL Support
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Local Host Available
  • Cloud Flare Available

These are some basic but helpful features in this tool. Always try to generate victim link on cloud flare. Because the cloud flare links are working very perfectly.

But remember one thing, If you generate the link and send that link to your victim then do not close the termux otherwise the session expired, and your link is no more useful to get victim data.

If you have any issue regarding this tool or any other tool then you can contact me on Instagram @masimtech. But if you want to watch a practical video on this tool, then click on the below button.

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