How to install Sociophish tool in Termux

How to install Sociophish tool in Termux

How to install Sociophish tool in Termux

Hi Everyone, this is the first article on this website related to hacking. I try my best to provide you best content on hacking and daily publishing videos on Kali Linux and termux app.

This is the most advance tool for termux to apply phishing attack. Many people get errors while generating the victim links. But this tool has no errors and everything executed perfectly. We all know about the phishing and if you already subscribe me on YouTube then you know that I always provide the practical video for my visitors.

We discuss every single feature in this tool, but before we start, must join me on telegram. You get the telegram link on the home page of this website.

About Tool:

This is the best phishing tool with38+ templates. This tool is coded in bash script, so you don't have to install the python packages. Before installing this tool, you have to learn more about the features of this tool.


  1. Mask URL Support
  2. Latest Login Pages
  3. Docker Support
  4. Local Host
  5. Cloud Flare (better than ngrok)
  6. Ngrok (with or without hotspot)
  7. Best for anyone


Use these commands step by step in your termux app to install sociophish tool in termux app.

  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • pkg install git
  • pkg install php
  • pkg install wget
  • pkg install curl
  • git clone
  • cd SocioPhish
  • bash

After putting the last command, the tool will be executed. Now you have to select the attack type. In my case, select the Facebook and I put 1 to select Facebook Attack.

Now you have to select the tunnel, so I suggest you to choose the cloud flare tunnel. This tool generates the victim link, and you have to send that link to your victim. When the victim click and submit the information, all the filled information is showing on the termux terminal.

If you still face any understanding issue with this tool, then don't worry, I have a practical video for my subscriber. Click on the below button to watch practical video and install this tool in termux without any error.

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