BGMI 2.9 No Recoil File - 64bit & 32bit

BGMI 2.9 No Recoil File

BGMI 2.9 No Recoil File

Many people ask for the BGMI 2.9 no recoil file. After the unban of this game, the BGMI players are very happy. Because this game has been banned in India due to privacy concerns.

But after some time the BGMI has been unbanned and now people can play the BGMI without any restriction. Today we are giving you the premium BGMI 2.9 no recoil file. This file can be used in both 32 bit and 64 bit devices.

Many people ask me about the applying process, but I think the old file user know the applying process. But if you're new and don't know how to use this file, then you I give you the whole process step by step. But before we're proceeding, if you're a PUBG player, then must use No Recoil File For PUBG.

Explaining No Recoil Config

Maybe people don't know about the no recoil files, but I am here to explain you. These types of hacks can make your game more excited. Like many, players wants to improve their aim, but they can't.

So BGMI 2.9 no recoil file helps the player to control the recoil of all guns. But can these hacks are safe for our account? I know every single player who sped money on their account have the similar question.

So i said yes. Perhaps these files can affect your account and your account will be banned for the 10 years. So I never insist you to use these types of configs on your main ID. But you can use it on the proxy accounts.

Applying Process:

  • Download Zip File.
  • Extract the Zip File.
  • Copy OBB File.
  • Go to Android Folder.
  • Open OBB Folder.
  • Open com.tencent.imobile Folder.
  • Paste Copied OBB Here.

So these are some basics steps that you have to follow to apply this bgmi 2.9 no recoil file. After applying the file, you have to restart your game to enjoy the gameplay with no recoil.

Very soon we will get the new update in BGMI and this website is related to the ethical hacking and game hacks. You get a lot of content on these things. You can subscribe to our news teller for the latest updates.

Password Protection

I received many comments and people asked me the password of this file. I want to clear one thing. All the configs on my website is free of password. I mean, there is no password on these files.

When you click on the link to download the files you have to download the zarchiver application and trust me you can extract all the configs files without any password. I respect my visitors and i don't make the files password protected.
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