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High Damage Config For PUBG Lite

0.20 High Damage Config For PUBG Lite

Hi everyone, in this article we are going to discuss new 0.25 high damage config for pubg lite. We all know PUBG lite is the lowest version for the low en device users. But this version also have some new and latest feature.

When I start playing PUBG mobile, I'm also android user and I know the only PUBG lite can run on the android. But not only android capability, even the same android have the capacity to run the PUBG mobile.

In my recent article, I give the No Recoil File For PUBG Mobile. So if you're a PUBG mobile user, then you can apply that file and enjoy it. But if you still want to use the PUBG mobile lite file, then here is all the details about this config.

0.25 high damage config for pubg lite can be used on all the android versions. You have to follow the applying process and your file start working. But as know that PUBG lite security also have ban pan security system.

Means that if someone spectate your ID and saw you're using the no recoil file and if your enemy reports your account, then maybe your account has been banned.

So how you can avoid this issue. To avoid the ban problem, you never use the 6x on AKM and machine guns. But you can use the DP and M416 for the long range spray.

If you belong to India and you found this article then don't worry, I know PUBG mobile and PUBG lite is banned in India due to some privacy concerns, but you can use BGMI No Recoil File. This file is 100% working in all the android and IOS devices.

What this File Does?

As you know this is the premium 0.25 high damage config for pubg lite and after applying this file your bullet damage will be increase. This file can increase your bullet damage to 5x. Even this file have aim bot option, so you never worry to aim at your enemy.

Maybe you have a question in your mind that what other hacks in this file. But I want to clear one thing, there is only one hack and that is only high damage file for pubg lite.

Applying Process:

  1. Download File.
  2. Extract File.
  3. Copy com.tencent.iglite Folder.
  4. Open data Folder.
  5. Paste the copied Folder Here.

High damage file for pubg lite is the only anti-ban file that can help you to win the match in PUBG game. I build this website to give you the hacks on gaming. We cover almost all the games.

If you have any suggestions on hacks, then you can check the footer of our website and subscribe with your email to get our latest information or alerts on the new content of this website.

In Pakistan the new version is still 0.20, and I saw many YouTubers making content on new update like 0.25. But I think there is no new update from the official pubg mobile lite. Only beta version is updated but pubg lite officially not updating the original pubg lite.

I try my best to make this website more active and updated all the hacks on daily routine. I stop working on my old website, so this is the new website where I can start work for the future.

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