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Free Fire Aim Lock File

Free Fire Aim Lock File

A Free Fire Aim Lock File is a type of third-party tool that allows players to automatically aim at their opponents in the game Free Fire. It is a controversial tool because it gives an unfair advantage to the player using it, as it essentially eliminates the need for manual aiming and makes it much easier to hit targets. 

However, using such tools is against the terms of service of Free Fire, and players who are caught using them risk having their accounts banned or suspended. It is important to note that using these types of tools not only violates the rules of the game, but also goes against the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship in online gaming.

But as you know, on this website you get the latest information on the game hacks. If you play PUBG mobile, then must use No Recoil File For PUBG. This free fire aim lock file is safe, but I suggest you to use this file on your proxy account.

How does a Free Fire Aim Lock File work?

The Free Fire Aim Lock File is a config that can be used in the popular mobile game Free Fire to improve your aim. Essentially, this config automatically locks your aim onto an opponent's head, making it easier to score headshots and eliminate them quickly.

The way this config works is by modifying the game's codes and files to enable the aim lock feature. When the config is activated, it will automatically detect the position of your opponents and lock your aim onto their head, making it much easier to hit them. At the end if you're a BGMI player then you can use No Recoil File For BGMI.

So this is the basic thing we have to know about this file. But how can we apply the free fire aim lock file?. You have to follow my instruction to apply this config successfully in your device. This file is 100% useful and working in all the devices.

Applying Process:

  • Download File.
  • Extract File.
  • Copy com.dts.freefireth Folder.
  • Open data Folder.
  • Paste Copied Folder.

So this is the basic applying process to use this free fire aim lock file. Must follow the above instruction to paste the file. If this file is not working in your mobile, then comment below in the comment section.

Password Protected:

Well, I try my best to give you the best content without any restrictions. So that's why I never place any password on my configs. You can extract the file without any password.

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