No Recoil File For PUBG 3.0 - Anti-Ban File

No Recoil File For PUBG 3.0

No Recoil File For PUBG 3.0

PUBG Mobile have a new update in May and this update is blowing your mind, trust me! We can see many new features in this update. If you're a PUBG Mobile player, then this post is only for you.

In this post we cover some new features about this update and also discuss the topic about no recoil file for PUBG 3.0 and when we use this file in the new update. Many people think about the ban-pan security and this is true after every singe detail PUBG update the security system to maintain the gaming environment.

I try my best to make no recoil files for PUBG mobile, but some time people used that files in another level they use no recoil on AKM and machine guns that is completely not acceptable in game. If you do not use the file wrongly, then this file will not harm your account in any way.

This time the dinosaur event is coming in PUBG Mobile, in which we will get the vehicle of dinosaurs and a new update has also come in Royal Pass. In all the previous royal passes we bought, RP used to be from 1 to 50, but this time the royal pass will be from RP 1 to 100.

If I'm talking about the no recoil file for PUBG 3.0 then, creating files will be more difficult in this update because the PUBG security inside this update is going to be very strict.

I do not think that any YouTube channel or website owner can provide you this file because you will get this file first on our website only. If you want to use this file then inside this file you will get only no recoil.

Yes! Many people ask about the high damage file for PUBG and other hacks, but this is not possible to cover all these things in only one file. It is not difficult at all to put all the hacks in one file, but it becomes very risky for your PUBG account.

We all have spent a lot of money on our PUBG account, so if your PUBG account gets banned, then your money will be gone. That's why inside the file that I am giving you, you will get only no recoil hack. Must use Free Fire Aim Lock File.

Did you know the price of new ace one royal pass? The royal pass which has been introduced in this new update of PUBG Mobile has a very high price. Where in the last season we used to get the royale pass only for 260 UC, this time we will get the same royale pass for 720 UC.

Along with giving you the no recoil file for PUBG 3.0. I will also tell you how to apply this file in your account because there are many people who do not know how to apply this file in the new update. If you play PUBG lite, then must check out High Damage File For PUBG Lite.

Click on the above button to download the file and when you download it. This file appears in your download folder. This file is encrypted with zip, so you have to download any zip extractor file. I recommend the z-Archiver application. This app is best for the zip files to extract and make.

You can make any format with this app. When you click on the downloaded folder, then click on extract file button. Remember one thing, there is no password on this file. If you play BGMI then must use No Recoil File for BGMI.

👉 Get File

I receive many comments and email on this question, people ask password, but these files are not password encrypted. So in one click you can extract the file. After that, you have to follow some instructions to apply this no recoil file for PUBG 3.0 and then restart your game to enjoy the config.

Apply Process:

  • Download File.
  • Extract Zip File.
  • Copy OBB File
  • Open Android Folder.
  • Open obb Folder.
  • Go to com.tencent.ig Folder
  • Paste Copied File.

These are some steps you need to follow for the apply process. This file is useable on all android mobiles. But first you have to test it on proxy account. Do not use this file directly on Main ID.
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