How to get Yellow Mummy Companion in PUBG Mobile

How to get Yellow Mummy Companion in Piubg Mobile


Yellow Mummy Companion in Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile's new players are very excited to get the news about the Mummy Companion in Pubg Mobile. 

Pubg Mobile first time will release the Mummy companion in the game.

Before you already know about the craze of the Mummy outfit in Pubg Mobile and know Pubg Mobile released the companion in the game.

The players of Pubg Mobile are very excited about the new Yellow Mummy companion in the game.

You will know about how to get a yellow Mummy companion in Pubg Mobile.

What is Companion in Pubg Mobile

First, you should know about what is a companion in Pubg Mobile. The answer is that the character of Pubg Mobile has a mini character with himself when he goes here and there.

You can see the little character like cartoons etc with the main character of the Pubg Mobile so that was the companion in the Pubg Mobile.

There are many different types of companions in Pubg Mobile. Some companions you can get easily or without any cost in the Pubg Mobile.

But some companions are very difficult to get because you need some UC to get these amazing companions.

Pubg Mobile popularity Battle

I recently start the Pubg Mobile popularity battle on my channel and tell the players to send me the popularity and if you on the top 3 then I will give you the Royal Pass.

If you want to get the Pubg mobile Royal Pass then you can also participate in this popularity battle.

How to get Yellow Mummy Companion in Piubg Mobile

As you can see in the image below these top 3 are the winners of the Pubg Mobile Royal pass and you can also have the opportunity to get the Royal to pass from my channel.

The no 1 player in my popularity send me the 60k popularity, the second player send me the 56k popularity and the third player send me the 54k popularity in Pubg Mobile.

These top 3 are the winner and I also sends you the UC to all of them. They can get into UC easily.

How to get Yellow Mummy Companion in Piubg Mobile

You can see my Pubg Mobile game Id in the above image and you can participate in this popularity battle as you wish.

New Companion in Pubg Mobile

So back to our main topic is that new upcoming companions are coming and you can get the yellow mummy companion in Pubg Mobile easily.

The Yellow Mummy companions are coming to the Holla buddy event.

Pubg Mobile is trying very hard to give the best to best rewards to the player in the game and they will be happy.
How to get Yellow Mummy Companion in Piubg Mobile

As you can see in the image above this amazing yellow companion is coming soon in the Pubg Mobile and you can get this companion from the Holla Buddy event.

You see in the above image Holla buddy companion and there are four more companions coming in the Pubg Mobile and you can get the Yellow mummy companions in Pubg Mobile easily.

So these are the updates about the Pubg Mobil news upcoming companions and you can get these from the crates easily.
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