Why People Use Pinterest For Blogging?


Why People Use Pinterest For Blogging

Why People Use Pinterest For Blogging

I remember when I start blogging I always try to grow my website, I want a lot of visitors on my website. But there is no way you're not lucky until you could not work hard for you. So I try a lot of social media platforms to grow my site.

But finally I get the most advanced social media platform named by Pinterest. I think this is the best way to shuffle visitors to your website by just putting your post link in the images. When I start there is no growth, but after some time my posts got ranked on Pinterest.

If you don't know how Pinterest work, So, Let me explain to you. Pinterest is the high authority website, so if your post on Pinterest, then maybe some you're found your post on Google. And Pinterest shuffle this user to your main website. So this is the quick way to rank your post on Google using some external traffic.

How to SignUp?

If you want to sign up on this website then go on Google and search for Pinterest also you can get the app from play store. When you open the official website of Pinterest, then log in with your Google account. This is the quick way to sign up without any password. After that, go to setting area and complete your profile information.

In the information section, you need to put info about your website and profile. And also you can put the link of your website that's mean this action give you a do follow backlink for your website. 

How to Work on Pinterest?

So finally wait is over, this is the process of working on Pinterest. First you have to visit a website named Canva, this site is used to edit images for different social media platforms. We choose Pinterest platform to make our unique image. You get a lot of images as an example on this site. You can also edit them, you don't want to create a new one. 

After that, come to Pinterest website and create a board for your topic. If you don't know what is board? This mean a playlist for your content, for example create a board with the name blogging. And then upload images related to blogging. When you post images on Pinterest, must add some description according to your title. This description also helps you to rank on Google. 

When you put all of these things then add alt TXT if you want to ignore it then there is no issue with it. The important step is here at the last. Must add your post link in the URL section because when the user click on image then he automatically redirected to the giving link. This is the way to increase visitors on your website.

Google thinks Pinterest website is great, that's why the authority of this website is high, and you get the benefit from this website. There is no investment to use this website. Even you are an android user, then you can get the Pinterest app from play store. I use this website and get monthly 33k traffic from Google. I think this is the best one option for new bloggers. 

There are a lot of other social media platforms like Quora and Medium, but this is the particular topic about Pinterest, so I just explain everything about Pinterest. If you want to know all social media information then visit my site. On this website, you get the latest information about online earnings and blogging. If you're new to this website, must learn about how to start our blogging business without any investment, just creating a website on blogger.
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