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How to do Image SEO in Blogger

How to do Image SEO on Blogger

In this article, I tell you about how we can choose the best image size for our blog and how to do SEO. First, we talk about The best size for our article. I suggest Canva o make your blog posts images, but if you have some knowledge about photoshop then you can use PS. 

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When you ready your image according to your blog post, then save it in your pc or mobile. After that you need to check the image size because this is the very important factor in SEO, if your website load fast then user can easily visit it.

But if your website takes too much time to load then may the user bounce back and your website bounce rate may increase. So make sure your image size is maximum in 20 to 30 KB. But what we do if our image size is 1Mb or 2. Then you need to compress your image to decrease the size. 

I personally use some website that is ranked on top on Google, so you just go on Google and search for compress images you see a lot of tools for this. Now if you see the image size is still above 30 KB then go to other website to convert your JPG images into web images.

Yes, blogger suggest to users the web format for images because it is fast loader and after that your website speed also increase. Now what about image SEO? When you add any image on blogger, then make sure to rename your image name as your target keyword. 

This is because your image will save as your keyword on blogger, and this action helps you to rank on Google. After that add alt TXT in your image, if you don't know anything about alt TXT then click on image and click on setting icon. You see a popup and here you can see alt TXT section.

Paste your keyword in both sections to appear your article in top ranking. But remember that if you're on blogger, then choose low difficulty keywords because your website is on blogger and blogger websites can't compete with WordPress websites.

Noe the last image option is caption, this option provide you some space to add your keyword below the image and also helps you to rank on Google.

This is the most important question and everyone needs to know about it, how much images we can use in blogger post. Yup this is very significant for you, if your article length is one hundred plus words then use two images in your article. If your post length is just five hundred plus words, then there is no issue with one image.
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