What to do After Buying a Domain Name from Godaddy


What to do After Buying a Domain Name from Godaddy

What to do After Buying a Domain Name from GoDaddy

What's up Friends! Today in this article I'm talking about what to do after buying a domain nae from GoDaddy. In my last article, I mentioned the whole details about how to buy domain from GoDaddy.

So now we are going to connect put domain to our blogger website. It does not matter your websites one blogger or WordPress. The process is the same on both.

But our website content is about blogging, So we are only talking about blogger. As in my previous article, I clearly mention that if your website is on blogger, then you don't need any domain.

But if you want to rank fast on Google and earn more money from Google AdSense, then you must have a high authority domain for your website.

Why we require domain?

If you want to make your work like professionals, then you must need a high authority domain for your website. High authority domain means .com .in .pk. All these domains are high authority. 

Every high authority domain can rank fast on Google as compare to low authority domains like .xyz. Google can understand better high authority domains. So i suggest only high authority domains.

There are a lot of platforms on internet to buy the best domain for your website. But the most useable website is GoDaddy. GoDaddy is one of the most famous websites to buy domains web hosting.

Setup Domain 

The best way to set up your domain with your website. Follow my instructions to connect your domain with blogger. Open your GoDaddy account and go to products section.

Now elect your domain and click on setup button. After this, open your blogger dashboard and do the setting. In setting area, find domain option and click on link domain.

When you click on this option, it asks for the URL of your domain. So just type your domain name and type WWW. In the start. 

After this, blogger gave you dome addresses that you need to put in your GoDaddy account one by one to connect your site with domain. Blogging business is only possible with a professional domain.

Do hard work and represent your website as a brand. The domain will be expired after one year. So you have to renew it for the further use. 

Back to our topic. When you add all the addresses in domain dashboard, after that save your settings. Domain can take some to redirect to the actual address. After 25 minutes, your domain successful redirect from .blogspot to .com, So this is the only way to link your domain with blogger website.

If your domain is high authority, then your website gain some traffic from Bing and many other search browsers. Everyone wants to earn money from AdSense and trust me there is no investment in this filed.

As mentioned in the blogging, you don't need any domain if you can't afford because your website also get approved on .blogspot. But write content and do your best on-page SEO, your website gone high and high in few days.

I write a lot of content on blogging, if you want to get the latest updates from blogging and online earning that must follow us on our YouTube channel. I hope this article is helpful for you. Thanks for reading.
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