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How to Add Website in Search Console

How to Add Website in Search Console?

Hi Everyone! I hope you're all good. So today we are discussed how to add website in search console. So this is the main thing in blogging to index your posts on Google.

Maybe a lot of peoples did the best SEO and write the excellent SEO friendly blog post to gain traffic to his website. But if your post is not indexed, google cant show your article to the audience.

I will tell you the latest method to add your website on Google Search Console. I hope you create a blogger website, and you want to get approval from Google AdSense.

Everyone in this field want to earn money from Google AdSense. But this is not easy, you have to work hard and write article on your website. Then google approve your site.

If you don't have any search console account, let's create it. First, Go to Google and search for googles search console. Open first website.

Now add your property here, on Google property mean your domain must type the URL of your domain and hit the enter button. Ok that's it your Google Search Console account is ready to index your articles on Google.

Now copy your blog post URLs and paste in the search console one by one and hit the enter button. After few seconds, request index button appear in front of you. Click on this button and your post will be indexed soon.

Instant posts index

I know a lot of peoples want to know that there is any posbolity to publish or index your article on google instantly. Yes this is possible but you need some traffic on your article.

If you have an account on Quora, so this is the best way to drive some traffic to your website. Because of social media, google index your posts fast. But if there is no traffic on your article then this process maybe delay for some days.

I personally recommend YouTube to drive traffic to your website. Because, this is the quick way. If you don't have a channel on YouTube, then hair some YouTuber and gave the sponsorship of your articles to drive some traffic.

Add Sitemap

So this is the next mistake may you did. A lot of peoples did not add sitemap in search console, that's why the posts on the website did not index.

Now the question is how to add sitemap in Google Search Console and what is the purpose of this sitemap. The sitemap is basically used to cover upcoming URLs automatic.

You can use any online website to create your own website sitemap and add it on your Google Search Console. The benefits to add your site in search console to get more organic visitors to your website.  

If you're a blogger, and you create your website on blogger, then I suggest you to add your site in the search console. No matter your website is on blogger on WordPress, in both cases you must need to add your site in search console.

On my website, you get the latest information about blogging and how to earn money online. So, if you want to get more information about blogging, then must visit our website daily.

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