Drive organic Traffic from Facebook Groups : Quick way


Drive organic Traffic from Facebook Groups

Drive organic Traffic from Facebook Groups

Hello everyone, I hope you're all good. So today we are talking about Facebook traffic. How we can drive the Facebook traffic to our website. 

I know Facebook is social traffic and social traffic is not best for our website. If your site have zero organic traffic. Today we discuss the top best way to rank our website using Facebook.

If you have a blogger website on any niche, then you must need traffic for your website. Because if you have Google AdSense approval on your site and also have the decent amount of traffic, then you earn something from Google. Otherwise, nothing is possible.

Facebook Page

Every Facebook user can create his on Facebook page. Becausefacebook allows his users to create Facebook page on any category to grow business. 

Blogging business is easily spread using Facebook page, and you can drive millions of traffic from Facebook to your website. This is not a time-consuming process.

When you start to do work on your website, you get at least five thousand daily traffic to your website. If you don't have any Facebook page, then do on Facebook and create your own Facebook page.

After creating your Facebook page, you have to post your blog links on this Facebook page. When your post gets some reach from peoples, your website automatically grow up.

Facebook's reach is important, so try to engage your audience as much as possible. Now, if you think that social traffic is increasing on your site, and you need some organic users for your website.

So create a video about your website and convince people to search your website on Google. This is the only method to get more organic traffic to your website.

Be regular on your Facebook page and after publishing every post don't forget to share it with peoples and friends. This action also increase the reach of your post.

Facebook Groups

I think this is one of the best source to drive traffic to your website. If you have a website on banking niche. Don't worry, join some banking groups.

If you have a website on health niche, don't worry, join some health groups. This method i personally use for my main website to get traffic to my site.

Make sure to join public groups because in public group you can share any type of content without any restriction. And the second benefit of public group is no one can approve or reject your posts.

But do not spam in any group because every Facebook owner want to clean his Facebook group so make sure to post every single details about your post.

If you have a Facebook page, and you join a lot of Facebook groups, then share your Facebook page posts in groups. After this, your blog traffic increase randomly and also your Facebook page group up. Peoples follow your page and get the upcoming updates.

Facebook Comments

If you have a Facebook ID, then you can earn a lot of money from Google AdSense. Let me explain, If you have a Facebook account means that you have some Facebook friends on it. 

And also, you join some Facebook groups and like some Facebook pages. You just have to do is, copy your blog post URL and paste this URL in every post on your timeline.

If you join some groups according to your niche, to open the group post and paste your blog article link in the comment section. Look how easy this it.

If you get some click from US or Canada, your website CPC also increase, and you get double income from these countries. Google AdSense pay to users according to CPC.

So that's it for today! I hope this information is helpful for you, if you have any question according to blogging or domain websites then contact me on Instagram.
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