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What is On Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO?

Hi Bloggers! What's up. I hope you're all fine, Today in this article we are talking about on-page SEO for blogger websites. If you have a website on blogger, and you want to rank your articles on Google, then you have to do on-page SEO.

Noob bloggers start a website but do not drive traffic to his website. Because they don't know about SEO. But today I will explain to you everything with full details. I share my own experience with you.

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There is a lot of factors in seo and on page seo. Like if you want to rank on short keyword then the procedure  is different and if you want to rank on long tail keyword then the process is easy.

Now how we can find the most searchable topic to rank our article on google. Also how we know that which keyword is best to rank on google. All these things are necesrary for the on-page SEO.

Ok so the first thing, make sure your content is searchable. Because if you write an article on search base, then people find your article on Google. But condition apply! 

Now let's talk about how to do SEO for your blogger website. There are a lot of factors matter in on-page SEO, but the main is bold your keyword which you want to rank on Google.

Now the second step is to repeat your keyword in your article again and again. But do not bold your keyword in every paragraph. If your article length is about one thousand words, then you bold your keyword maximum 3 to 5 times in the article.

Now try to implement your keyword in first paragraph and bold it because if your article rank may be your first paragraph seen below your keyword. 

Ok, another factor is your article length because google only rank those articles that are explained in deep details. Make sure to write your article at least one thousand plus words. 

Social Traffic

When you write an article on your website, it takes some time to index on Google. But if you want that your article in indexed soon as possible, as try to drive some social traffic to your website.

Social traffic mean you can share your posts in any social platform, you can get traffic from Quora and use Facebook to drive some massive traffic to your blogger website.

If almost 40 to 50 peoples visit your article, then google automatically index your post. Now what we do after indexing our post on Google?

The process is very simple to make your blog post SEO friendly, try to make backlinks from your old posts on your website. This step make your work simple and effective because google rank fast these types of posts. 

So this is the main things you need to remember when you write an article, bold your keyword, repeat your keyword multiple time in your article, make sure to create some backlinks from other posts.

Label, Description, Permalink

When you write any article on blogger, You can see these three options from the right sides. These options also help you to rank on Google.

Label means tag, write some label according to your title and searchable queries. Search description is the most important thing. When you write the description of your post, then try to add your keyword at least two times.

Make the permalink according to your keyword, this action help you to get ranking on googles first page. So that's it for today! I hope this article is helpful for you.
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