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Create Backlinks for my Website

Create Backlinks for my Website

But before creating a backlink, it is important for us to know what a backlink is. And if we create backlinks for our website, then what will be the effect of this backlink on our website. So this is the most significant thing to know.

What is Backlinks?

Adding links to an article on your website to another website article called backlinks. 

Let's try to know in a little more detail what is backlink. If I wrote an article, and now I want a lot of traffic on this article. But if my article is not ranking on Google, then it will be necessary for me to make a backlink of my article on another website.

Like every social media platform, Google works on an algorithm. If we want to rank the article on Google, it is necessary that we create a backlink of our article on another website. So, that our article looks good and informative in the eyes of google, and Google will rank it.

Now, I have fully explained to you what a backlink is and why it is important for our website. Now let's talk about how we can create backlinks for our website. Here are some ways in which having a backlink for your website can help you.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a way for you to link an article on your website to another person's website. That means you have to write an article and give that article to another website owner so that he can publish it on his website. And within this article you can also attach the backlink of one of the articles from your website.

One thing also plays a very essential role in guest posting, and that is the authority of the website on which you want to post gas. This means that you have to post on a website which has a lot of authority so that you can get some traffic from this website and also increase your earnings.

Now, a question that may come to your mind is how do we know which website we can post guest on? This is a very important question. The answer is that you have to search on Google the website that allows guest post. Not every website offers guest posting, so you have to search on Google so that you can find exact websites on which you can post guest.

Select category

As I explained to you above, guest posting is what happens. But before posting gas, it is essential for us to find a website on which we can post guests. Websites that are related to our contacts, we can only post gas on them, and we will benefit from doing so.

For example, if I have created a health related website and I want the backlink of my article to be on another website and to create a backlink I have contacted the software website that I have my article. Want to create link on your website. 

The first thing is that the bank will not give it to me. The second thing is that even if they give me back, the traffic there will never come to my website because the category of this website is completely different.

So if your website is related to health then you have to look at a website on Google which is related to health, and they also allow guest posting. So that you can publish your article there and create a backlink to that article.

Types of Backlinks

I hope you understand everything I have said above. Now let's talk about the types of backlinks. There are two types of backlinks, one is do-follow backlink and the other is non-follow backlink.

Do-follow Backlinks

If you do follow backlinks are created on another website then it also increases the authority of our website and because our backlinks are created in a good place, so our articles are also done very quickly.

No-follow Backlinks

These are backlinks that do not affect the authority of your website, i.e. the authority of your website is neither more nor less. So if you want to know my advice, I will tell you to make do follow backlinks as much as possible.

My Suggestion

If you are a new blogger, and you have just created your own website and have it monetized by Google, then this plan is just for you. Because I know that everybody who monetizes a new website gets the most traffic.

Because the person has been approved by Google AdSense on their website but because of the low traffic to their website, their AdSense account has an ad limit which makes them see ads on their website. Shuts down and its earnings go to zero.

I will invite all such people to contact me so that I can solve their problem. Because I have a plan that if they have zero traffic to their website, then they can also bring organic traffic to their website.

I have specially purchased a new domain for you so that you can come to it and create backlinks to your website and whatever articles you write on my website. You can drive traffic by sharing them on social media.

Now you think, as you said in a recent article, that it is not right for our website to have a lot of social traffic. But now you are saying that you can get social traffic to your website. So, I want to make it clear to you that I bought the new domain so that you can drive traffic to my domain. And from there take them back to your website with the help of backlinks so that the traffic will become organic and become a referral.

So all the people who have come in this field, and they are absolutely noob, I will tell them that you guys must contact me, I will definitely help you. I hope you guys liked this article and this article has been helpful for you guys. If you want more articles like this, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel too.
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