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Create Pages for Your Blogger Website

Create Pages for Your Blogger Website

For those who don't know, I would like to give a little reference that I am writing a blogger related article on my website. In which I talk about all the things so that if a new user comes to my website, he will not have any problem with anything, and he can understand everything by looking at my website.

Today's article is very important for blogger customization because the pages on our website play a very important role. With the help of pages, we can help our users to easily find our information.

For example, if you visit a site, you will see two buttons there. One button is for contact us and the other is about us button, after clicking on which you can see the information of the owner of this website. How does this thing work? Today's article is about how clicking a button brings us to another page.

Follow these steps

  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Scroll down & click on Pages
  • Click New page
  • Write title of your page
  • Write info in body section
  • Publish your page
  • Copy page link
  • Add link to your button

Follow all these steps to connect your page with any button on blogger. This is very easy to understand but if you want any practical information about this method then you can go YouTube and watch any video on YouTube. 

Let me explain you with an example if you want to create a page about your information, means that you want to mention some information about your company or your website then your page title must be about us.

After title, you can write all the information about your company in content area. Must add your social media account in about us page, Because every user on your website may want to contact with you to discuss any problem that he face on your website.

I also publish a post on how to change favicon on your blogger website. So if you're interested, then must go and read about it. I explain everything in my article about how to make a favicon in perfect size, so must check it out.

Create pages for your blogger website is important. When you publish your page, you need to copy its URL to link this page with another button.

Navbar Buttons

If your website have the best customization, then chances to get approval from Google AdSense is more. Because google check every single details of your website. If Google found some navbar issues, then may your website can't approve.

A good navbar have at least four to five options in it. You can change these buttons as you want. Now let's talk about the main purpose of this article. When you create a new button in navbar then paste the URL of the page. Now if any user click on about us button, your publishing post appear in front of user.

You can create as many pages as you want on your website. Also, you can create many buttons according to your content. I hope you all understand why pages are necessary for our website.

A good website is one that gives the incoming user a good format so that the incoming user can easily get the information they need.

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I hope you guys liked today's article. And this article must have been something helpful for you. I keep writing related contacts on my website, so I would advise you to visit my entire website. Because on this website you can find a lot of knowledge related to blogger and how to earn money online.

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