How do you Get Paid for Blogging?


How do you Get Paid for Blogging?

How do you Get Paid for Blogging?

If you want to become a blogger and make money by building your own website, then one question that must have come to your mind is how a website can give us money. And how can we transfer money to our bank?

The first thing we do is create a website, then write content on it and when we have our website ready, then we apply for Google AdSense. We can make money from our website as soon as we get approval from Google AdSense.

If you talk about creating a website on Blogger, you will find a lot of topics to create a website. But I would suggest that you build a website on banking or health topics. Because Google AdSense will give you a lot of revenue on this topic.

If you have created a website and got it approved by Google AdSense, now you will be very worried about the payment and how we will receive the payment generated here.

When you submit your website for approval, Google visits it in its entirety. That is, if your website meets the stated policies of Google, then Google approves it, otherwise your website is rejected.

In order to receive payment from Google AdSense you need to perform some verification after which you can transfer your payment to your bank account. It also includes many other types, for example photos of your national ID card and a pin code is sent to your address which verifies your address.

If I talk a little more in detail, Google AdSense does not send the AdSense verification pin to your address until your AdSense account is ten dollars complete. But as soon as you get ten dollars or more than ten dollars, Google sends a pin to the address on your ID card. You can link your bank account only by putting this pin on your account.

Google AdSense has another limitation, in which Google states that your payment can only be credited to your bank account once your Google AdSense account has become a hundred dollars or more. That is, there is a threshold after which your payment issued.

The Google AdSense payment sent to your bank account on the 21st of each month and reaches your account by the 27th of this month.

If your payment sent on the 21st day of each month, and you have to receive the payment on the 27th day but in the meantime if Saturday and Sunday come then these days are not counted.

Remember that your payment will be sent to your bank account at the dollar rate. That is, on the 21st of each month, your payment is sent to your bank account. Whatever the dollar rate on that day, your payment will be calculated accordingly.

Bank charges

If you live in Pakistan, you have to keep in mind that whenever a payment comes to Pakistan from a foreign country, some tax is levied on it by the Pakistani government. There are many banks in Pakistan which have different tax rates, but I would advise you to use UBL account as UBL is the only bank that charges the lowest tax.

UBL Bank in Pakistan deducts Rs. 580 from your monthly payment. This means that UBL Bank will always deduct Rs. 580 from your monthly payments, no matter how much you receive.

WHT (With Holding Tax)

The government deducts this tax from your account only when your payment is more than fifty thousand from abroad. That is, if your payment is more than fifty thousand from Google AdSense, you will have to pay WTH tax on this amount.

If I tell you in percentage, you will have to pay 2% tax on your total amount to the government.

But if you register your bank account with FBR then you have to pay 5% annual tax to FBR which will be 5% of your annual income.

No matter how much your payment is, it is securely transferred to your bank account, meaning that if for any reason your payment is not received in your bank account, you can contact the Google AdSense team and contact them. Can talk, But to this day I have not had to talk to the Google team because I get my payment within five days.