Best Image Size For your Blogger Website


Best Image Size For your Blogger Website

Best Image Size For your Blogger Website

If you have a website, or you are thinking of creating a website, then today's article is very important for you. Because in today's article, I will show you how you can use images in your website's article.

Yes, many people create websites, but they do not understand how we can use images on this website. They have no idea in what format the images are used on the website.

If you buy a domain and start writing articles on your website, but you don't know how images are used, then your articles will be useless.

The use of images enhances the beauty of any website as well as interacts with the user who visits the website.

Now let's talk about how we should use such images on our website and what kind of images would be best for our website.

The first thing you need to take care of is the image format. This means that any image you use on your WordPress website or your blogger website should be in landscape mode.

2240 & 1260 PX Size is used to create the best image for your websites. But is it enough to just take a picture, or do we have to take care of some other things so that the articles on our website perform best?

If you can't create an image within this format then I suggest you a website, you can go to this website and create any image.

You have to go to Google and search Canva. The first website you will find is the one you have to open. You have signed up with your Google account. Here you will find different designs from which you can create designs for your website.

Best Image Format 

I have noticed that a lot of people use PNG and JPG format images on their blogger website, but the blogger update states that using this format can slow down the speed of your website.

Now you have to first design your post image using Canva website. Then you have to go to Compress image site and compress this image to reduce its size. Because the smaller the image size, the faster the speed of your website.

The above website will reduce the size of your image by more than 50%. 

But as I said at the beginning, you should not use both JPG and PNG formats. So now you may be wondering what is the third format that we can use on our blogging website.

We will use WebP images on our blogging website, which are much smaller. Due to which our website becomes extremely fast and if the speed of the article in our website is fast then our articles will rank quickly on Google.

Below is the button of the website used to convert PNG image to WebP. By clicking on this button, you can go directly to this website. On this website you have to upload your PNG image and convert it to WebP and download it.

By using the above website you can greatly reduce the size of your image, ie you will be given a button at the bottom on which you can write quality. The lower the quality, the smaller the size of your image.

But one thing you should always remember while using this website is that as you decrease quality, your image will get blurred.

If you ask me what advice I would give, I would tell you to keep the image quality to 10%. 10% will not affect your image and will be able to see your image.