How to Drive More Traffic on Facebook Business Page


How to Get More Traffic on Facebook Business Page

How to Drive More Traffic on Facebook Business Page?

In my opinion, Facebook is a platform that millions of people are using. Facebook has a lot of uses, but most people use it to make connections with other people, i.e., now they can make new friends using Facebook and talk to them.

But now the era has changed completely as Facebook is also being used in business. A lot of people do their business on Facebook, like if you create your own page on Facebook you can sell products through Amazon with traffic locker on it.

But our topic is how you can drive traffic to the website using Facebook. That is, we will use Facebook to our advantage to increase traffic to our website and get us more revenue from Google AdSense.

Create Business Page

The first way is to create a page on Facebook. I hope everyone has a Facebook account these days. So if you also have a Facebook account, you can easily credit the Facebook page on it, and you can publish your website article on this Facebook page.

Try to do good SEO whenever you start publishing your website post on Facebook page. Because if you write a good post and publish it, they will get medical attention and the traffic to your Facebook page will increase. And if there is traffic to your Facebook page, then there is definitely traffic to your website.

But if there are very few views on your Facebook post and there are not many followers on your Facebook page, then you must share your Facebook post in different groups. Because if you don't share, users will not come to your website and earning on your website will also decrease.

One thing you should always remember is that Facebook does not promote multiple link tigers. This means that after some time, Facebook may block your link, so if possible, you can link your website to a different group that you have already joined. You have to go to the comment box and paste your website link.

If you are a new blogger, and you have recently created your own website, I would advise you to create a page on Facebook and publish the link of your website there and share it. But if you are a very old user, and you want to make some investment in your business, then you can resort to Facebook Ad.

Facebook Ads 

Promoting your website through Facebook can be of great benefit to you. Because Facebook burns the user so that they can send the more audience to their website. So if you want to invest in your business, that business can give you double the profit.

The biggest advantage of using Facebook Ads is that you can more high CPC Countries. This means that if you bring traffic to your website from Pakistan or India, then Google AdSense will give you very low CPC. But if you drive traffic from countries like the United States or the United States, Google AdSense will give you a very high CPC. And your earnings will boost instantly.

Another great benefit of Facebook is that all your friends on Facebook will be able to see your post. This means that if you publish a link to your website on your Facebook account, that post or that link will be visible to all your friends in your ID. And if they are interested in this topic, they will definitely visit your website.

Now I will tell you the method that I use myself. I have a lot of Facebook accounts. And I have created a page on each Facebook account. I publish the link to my website on my Facebook page and then share it with different groups and people through my separate account from there. Many visitors come from Facebook daily.

If you also have many Facebook accounts, one more thing you need to keep in mind is that you can join a group on Facebook related to the topic you have written an article on your website. All you have to do is join the group related to the content you have posted on your website. The advantage of this is that you will be able to take the more audience to your website.
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