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How to Buy Domain From Godaddy

How to Buy Domain From GoDaddy

 As I have explained in previous articles on our website how we can make money by creating our own website. We need a domain to create a website and in today's article I will show you how to buy a domain.

To buy a professional domain, it is important that you keep your domain name in mind. Because the domain you want to buy may have already been purchased by someone else.

The domain for the website is always purchased once and the same domain is renewed every year so, that the domain is always with you. If you do not get your domain revenue, then someone else can buy this domain.

Now I will tell you how to buy a domain from GoDaddy website.

The first thing you have to do is open your internet browser and search for GoDaddy on whatever GoDaddy's website you will find first. You have to open it.

As soon as you open this website, you will see the interface of this website where you will see a search bar of find your domain.

It is up to you whether you want to search the domain first or you want to create your account on this website. You have to do both, but you have to decide which one you want to do first.

I would advise you to create your account on this website first. Then search for your domain, whatever domain name you want to choose for your website.

As soon as you search for domains, you will find many domains in the name you have given.

Process to Buy a Domain

Below any domain you want to buy, you will see a get it buttons. You have to click this button. Now your domain has been added to the cart.

A sidebar will open on your right side, showing you the details of the domain you have chosen. In which you can select how many years you want to buy this domain.

If you are creating a news website, I would suggest that you select one year. Because if you make that much money from your website, you can renew this domain for the next five years.

As soon as you see all the information about your domain then you have to click on the keep going button. 

You will then be shown some options in which you will be asked to provide a website and email. 

If your budget is high, and you can afford it all, you can also get an email for your website. But if you don't have a big budget, don't select these things.

After making all these settings, you have to click on the continue to cart button. Now you will see another button which says I'm ready to pay. You have to click on this link.

Now a form will open in front of you in which you have to write information about yourself. After filling all this form, you have to save it.

Now you have to pay to buy your domain and to pay you have to use your credit card. I will also tell you in detail how to use the credit card.

The first step is to enter the 14-digit code on your credit card. Then you have to write the expiry date of this card and the most important thing is the security code which is given on the back of your credit card.

Remember that your credit card security code is your credit card security. If anyone knows that security code, they can buy anything with your credit card.

After writing all this, you can buy your domain by clicking the Order Now button. As soon as your domain is purchased, you will receive an e-mail from GoDaddy on your e-mail and the money required to purchase the domain will be deducted from your account.

You don't have to create a new account to buy every domain. You can buy as many domains as you want in one account. In the next article, I will show you how we can link the purchased domain to our website.