Google AdSense New Updates 2021 | New Interface & Settings


Google AdSense New Updates

Google AdSense New Updates

The platform keeps updating itself for its own improvement and to provide the best possible environment to its users. In the same way, there are many and many new updates of Google AdSense in 2021 which not many people knew about. Today I will tell them in some detail which Google AdSense has been updated.

If you want to make money with Google AdSense, you will definitely have a website, or you are working on a YouTube channel that Google AdSense is paying you. But what updates have come in 2021 that have completely changed the Google AdSense interface and now in 2021 we see a new interface.

AdSense Update for Websites

Because our website is related to Blogger, I will talk about the website first. In the past when we used to send our website to Google AdSense for under review, the interface of Google AdSense changed completely, but now it is not like that at all.

Speaking of which, when I applied my website for Google AdSense, first I had to create an account on Google AdSense, then my account was reviewed by Google AdSense and after two weeks or three weeks. Google AdSense approves my account. Only then could I add my website to Google AdSense, but not anymore. Now the whole interface has changed.

But now if we apply for our website on Google AdSense after the new update coming in 2021, first we are given a form on which we have to enter our information. Here are three steps that, once completed, our website will automatically go to Google AdSense Review. This means that what used to take two to three weeks to verify an account is no longer relevant.

The first of the three steps I am telling you is to update your payment profile. You have to enter the address to which your payment will arrive. The next step is to install a Google Ad on your website. And within the third step, you have to submit your website for Google AdSense approval.

It doesn't matter if your site is on Blogger or you have purchased a domain from Go Daddy. You can apply your website for Google AdSense. Because blogger is a tool of Google, you can still get your website approved by Google AdSense if you have not purchased the domain.

AdSense Update For YouTube

Just as Google AdSense has changed its interface for the new website, so to Google AdSense has changed its interface for the YouTube channel. That is, when we first met the criteria of our YouTube channel, which required 4,000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers, then we could apply for Google AdSense.

But within the new update, you will not be able to see your earnings in Google AdSense. As soon as you open Google AdSense, Google AdSense will redirect you to your YouTube channel. You can view YouTube money in your YouTube dashboard, you don't need to come in Google AdSense.

The biggest update from YouTube for creators. That is, we had to submit our tax information to YouTube, in which YouTube stated that if your channel received views from Canada and the US, you would have to pay 20% of your earnings to YouTube.

In addition to the monetization of YouTube, there are other requirements that have to be met. In which some verification is required, and address verification is required, then as soon as any user fulfills all these requirements then Google AdSense account is ready. And now he can easily take his payments into his account.

So these are some of the important updates that we got to see in 2021 from Google AdSense. In addition, every platform keeps updating. If there is a new update, I will definitely include it in this article. I hope you guys liked this article. If you guys have read this article and got some help, then don't hesitate to follow me on my Instagram account.
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