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How to Drive Traffic From Quora

Drive Traffic From Quora

Hope you all are well. And in today's article, I will tell you how we can bring traffic to our website. In the previous post, I explained how we can bring traffic from Facebook to our website.

Many people think that creating a website and getting it approved by Google AdSense is the most difficult task. But in my opinion, the most difficult task is to bring traffic to your website. Because as long as there is no traffic to your site, the approval of Google AdSense will be of no use as your earnings will be nil.

If you want to make money with Google AdSense by blogging, it is important that you bring traffic to your website. And there are many ways to bring traffic, but I will tell you how we can bring traffic to our website through Quora

This is a very simple resource and very few people know about it, but I will tell you in detail today how we can bring traffic to our website.

First, you have to open your Google Chrome and go to Google and search for Quora. As soon as you search for it, the first website in front of you will be the official Quora website. You have to open this website. 

The first thing you need to do after opening is to sign up for this website. You can also use your Google Account to sign up.

As soon as you create an account on Quora, first you have to enter all the information on your profile. If you do not, your Quora account will be closed within a week. That's why it's important that as soon as you create an account, the first thing you require to do is complete your profile information.

You have to work on Quora, so it is significant to know what Quora is and what people do on this site. So let me tell you Quora is an official website of Question & Answers. On which people ask different kinds of questions and the rest of the people who are answer them. This means that you can go to this website and ask questions and answer.

But one question that may come to your mind is how we will drive traffic to our website using Quora. So whenever you answer a question related to your website, you can attach a link to your website at the end of this answer or in the middle of this answer, anywhere.

Create Spaces

If you talk more about Quora, you can create your own space on this website. This means that you have to create space, just like we used to create groups on Facebook. Inside, you can write your own questions and answers. If you do not have both, you can publish your article in it.

If you want to write an article, you have to copy a little article from your website. After copying, you have to add the URL of your website below and write below that you can read by clicking on this URL if you want to read more. This allows people to visit your website through your Quora account and increase the number of users on your website.

If you are from Pakistan, then you can only drive traffic to your website through Quora. But if you belong to another country, you can also earn money by writing articles on Quora. Yes Quora also allows its users to make money, but that option is not yet available in Pakistan or India.

One of you may be wondering how the traffic from Quora will be for our website. So this is a great question if any of you have this question in mind. Traffic from Quora is called social traffic because Quora is used for question and answers. If you search anything on Google, you will see some questions below, All those questions are asked on Quora.

Whatever the social platform, if you drive traffic from it, your website should have more organic traffic first. Because if organic traffic is low and social traffic is high, your ads will have an ad limit. This will stop AdSense ads from coming to your website and your revenue will be zero.
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