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Best Google AdSense Alternative

Best Google AdSense Alternative

If you have been visiting my website for a long time, I will tell you that I upload blogging related content to my website. In which I will tell you how to create a website and how you have to work on this site.

If you research what topic you want to build your website on, you will find a lot of topics. But what if you don't get Google AdSense approval even if you build a website on your topic, and you don't have Google Ad on your site, then how can you make money from your website?

It is not necessary that you only place Google AdSense ads on your website, as there are many more ad networks in the market today that you can use to add ads to your website, and You also get paid.

I have come up with another Google AdSense Alternative for you that I use myself, and I would advise you to use it. Because after using this ad network you can earn very good.

The first thing you have to do is go to Google and search for Adsterra. As soon as you find the official website, you have to open it. After opening, you have to sign up on this website as a publisher.

A pop-up will open in front of you as soon as you sign up. Inside this you have to write the domain of your website. I mentioned in the previous article how can we purchase domain from GoDaddy, you have to write the same domain here.

After writing the domain, you have to select the category of your website. If your website is social, then you will select social. If your website is related to education, then you will select the education button. After that your website will be up, and you will also see the ad code button.

Apply ads on Website

Most people don't know about the ad code format, so let me tell you today that there are three types of ads that are most commonly used on your website.

The first ad that appears as soon as our website opens is called a header ad which is 60 to 720 in size. And there are many sizes, but we are going to use native ads, which are much easier to see and place.

One thing I forgot to mention above is that even if you don't have a domain and your website is built on Blogger, you can still use this network. That means you don't have to have a link to your website domain if you want to add ads to your website.

As soon as you select your favorite ad format, you will be given a code. You have to copy this code, and it comes to your blogger dashboard. Inside the post you have written, you have to view the HTML and paste the code wherever you want to put the ad.

How the ads placed on your website look will depend on which Blogger template you are using on your website. Because every time the design of paint is different, and every person customizes it according to his interest.

CPC Rate in Adsterra

The Best google Absence alternative for small websites is only Adsterra. Because of this ad network, you also get high CPC ads if your website is built on a topic that has a very high ad rate.

For example, if you have created a website on banking, the rate of all the ads placed on your website will be very high. And whatever the ad network is, whether it's Google AdSense or Adsterra, it will give you high CPC.

Payment Methods

As each ad network gives you the facility of payment method i.e. you can select whatever payment method is available and take your payment. In return for all the ads you put on your website.

You must have at least $100 in your account if you want your payment to be in bitcoin. Only then can you apply for payment. But if you want to withdraw a few dollars like me, then you have to select Payment Method Web Money.

Because if you select web money, you can withdraw it only after it becomes five dollars. This means that if you select the web money method, you will not have to wait until it becomes a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars.