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Most expensive Keywords in 2021

Most expensive Keywords in 2021

If you have a website, whether it is built on Blogger or on WordPress. If you write some content on this website, then you will get approval from Google AdSense.

As you all know, I am telling you on my website how you can create your own website and how to make money with Google AdSense approval.

All that I have told you in the past. You can read the whole article by visiting my website.

Nowadays, I will tell you how to write content on your website. That means Google AdSense will pay you too much.

Google's approval is now available to almost everyone, but they do not know how to write content on their website. That is, they work hard but do not do smart work due to which they are able to generate less revenue.

But I will tell you what is the method or what are the topics on which you can make money from Google AdSense by writing content.


If you create a website and start telling about insurance on that website. Which company will insure you for how much, or how many people it can insure in the future.

If you post such content on your website after getting Google AdSense approval, if you get one click on a Google Ad, you will get 60 dollars for that click.

Insurance is a topic on which you can write a lot of content, that is, it is a never ending topic as much as you can write.


You may have laughed at the name of electricity, what can we write about electricity. But let me tell you — if you build your website on electricity, you will get 58 dollars per ad click.

If you are thinking that we will create a website about electricity but what to write on this website then let me tell you some topics.

You can write an article on your website according to your area, when the bill arrives and when it is paid.

Or you can write an article about the tax details on the electricity bill. In it, you can describe in your own words all the tax details on the bill, how many units of electricity have fallen so much that the bill has increased so much.


Banking Loans is my favorite content. That's why I want to create a website on this topic myself.

If you build a website on this topic, you will get 50 dollars per ad click, which means that if you get one hundred or two hundred ads clicks a day, you can easily make $5000.

Creating a banking website is not a difficult task. If you want to open a bank account, you can get a lot of information about the bank.

You can get information from them about getting a loan and repaying the loan, and you can publish the related information on the website.

Content about Degree

Coming to this option is going to change your view a bit because you can't create any website on this topic. Because you are not the owner of any college or university. 

So what do you do in such a situation if you can't give a degree to anyone? If you build a website on this topic.

You can tell about the degrees offered at schools, colleges, and universities in your country or area, or you can tell how you can get degrees online.

If you want to write content on degrees, you can also post information about degrees in other countries besides your country on your website.

Because if you live in Pakistani India and only write information about the degrees obtained in that place on your website, then your website will be able to collect very little money from Google AdSense. 

But if you write information about schools and colleges in the United States, you will be able to generate a lot of revenue.

I have told you as many keywords. It is the most expensive keywords in 2021 for Google AdSense. Which will generate a lot of revenue with very few ad clicks.

If your site is approved by Google AdSense on any of the above topics, you can quadruple your earnings by adding Ezoic Network ads to your website.

I hope that with the help of my given keywords your website will get a great boost. This will allow you to earn a lot of money from Google AdSense