How to Apply Blogger Templates | Full Responsive Blogger Templates 2021

Full Responsive Blogger Templates 2021

Full Responsive Blogger Templates 2021

If you have created your website on Blogger, then you must have searched for full responsive blogger templates on Google and YouTube.

Every blogger strives to make their website look good and simple. Because if your website is simple to look at, then the user will be able to easily search anything on it.

In today's article, I will tell you how to choose a blogger template for your website and which blogger template you can easily get Google AdSense approval.

There are many websites on Google that provide you with Blogger templates, and some of these are websites where you have to buy templates.

All these templates that I mentioned below is awesome, if you create your news website. A lot of peoples want to write content in Urdu, So choose any below website to get your blogger theme.

Theme Forest

This is a website where you will find numerous blogger templates that you can use to give your website a professional look.

All the templates on this website will be fully responsive, and you will find templates on different categories.

If you purchase any template from this website, you will have access to all the customizations in this template.

For example, you will be able to change the footer credit in this template. In addition, you will be able to customize the entire template to your liking.

Gooyaabi templates

In my opinion, the most used templates in the world of blogging are downloaded from this website.

Here you can find full responsive blogger templates for your upcoming blog websites.

If you want to start your own blogging business, I would advise you to buy your blog site template only from this website. This is the only site where you can buy the template, and you will find the template anyway.

The second-biggest advantage of the templates on this site is that all the templates are AdSense friendly. That means you can earn money with Google AdSense on your website.

After using the template of this website, you will get full access to the layout section. It means, you can use all the custom option like blogger draft etc.

How to Use

  • Open XML file on Notepad
  • Copy All code 
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Click on Theme 
  • Click on Edit HTML
  • Delete old code
  • Paste your copied code.
  • Click to save it

Now your website have new look and ready to get attracted by all new users. Now send your website to Google AdSense for Google Approved.

If your site has been approved by Google AdSense, you can also link your website with Ezoic. This will quadruple your earnings.