How to Start Blogging Business in U.S


How to Start Blogging Business in U.S

Start Blogging Business in U.S

A businessman strives all over the world to grow his business so that his business grows more than others.

A person who thinks like a businessman has a variety of ideas for doing business.

If you also want to be a businessman and set up your own business, then today's article is just for you.

There are different types of business. Many people are running their own business in different fields.

People are still making millions of dollars from blogging business.

Today, I will tell you how we can build a successful blogging business in 2021.

I have divided my entire article into some headings. These headings will be very helpful for you to understand this article.

Choose your Niche

Niche is the important factor in blogging. Every blogging business start with different categories.

If you want to make more money from your blogging business, you need to focus on your blogging niche.

If you do not understand this factor, I will explain it to you in more detail.

If, you create a news blog and publish daily news on it, you will earn very little money from this blogger.

Because, all the advertisers run very few ads on the news website, which makes the CPC of the news website very low.

If you live in the United States, you can create a blog on any category. You will only get high CPC rate from AdSense.

How much investment?

If you are a new blogger or want to enter the field of blogging, the question that must come to your mind is how much money do I have to invest to start a successful blogging business?

Because blogger is a product of Google, you will not have to spend a single rupee in startup.

People make a lot of money by investing in online trading. But setting up a blogging business can take a while.

When it comes to investing in Blogger, all you need to do is buy a domain. 

And if you want to rank your website in Google's top pages, then you will need to buy some backlinks.

Blogging business is most ranked in premium countries like the United States, Canada, Australia etc. 


Google will monetize your website once you have completed your website and those websites meet the AdSense polices.

You need to write some content about your niche, on your website. 

Then create an AdSense account and add your website. Google will check your blogging site and if it thinks your site is capable of monetize, then you will get Google approval.

There are other alternatives to Google Ad, but Google AdSense gives you the most revenue.

Let me give you another tip at the end of this article. When your website starts to get a lot of traffic, you will definitely want to generate even more revenue.

To generate more revenue, you need to join AdMob network. What is the difference between AdMob network and AdSense network, you can easily search on Google.

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