How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes


How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes

Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes

Social media has become an important part of our lives. Everyone wants to be aware of the latest news and technology.

Young people have become so addicted to social media that they want to be active on social media all the time.

But in today's article, I will tell you how to get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes. You may have used a lot of websites, but you will not get Instagram free followers.

The website I am going to tell you about is already on Google. But very few people know this website.

Using this website, you can quickly follow followers on your Instagram account. You can get likes on any post.

The feature of this website is that it provides its services on all kinds of social media accounts. 

If you have created a blog to make money, you can get a lot of traffic to your blog by using this website. This website has 20+ features.


  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Share
  • Facebook Followers
  • Facebook Post Like
  • FB Post Share
  • Reddit Members
  • Reddit Upvotes
  • Telegram Channels
  • Instagram Followers
  • Instagram Likes
  • TikTok Followers
  • TikTok Video Likes
  • Twitter Followers
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Twitter Retweets
  • Twitter Likes
  • YouTube Subscribe
  • YouTube Likes
  • YouTube Views
  • Twitch Followers
  • Website Hits
  • Pinterest Save
  • Pinterest Followers
  • Likee Followers/Fans

Yes you can get any of all the above options on this website. Now let's talk about how this website works and how we can use it.

You will need some coins to get any social media service on this website. If you follow an account using this website, your coins will increase.

If you refer this website to a friend, this website will give you 300 coins absolutely free. But if you need a lot of Instagram followers on your account.

So you can also buy coins from this website. But I will show you an easy way to increase your coins automatically.

First you have to go to Google and download a software called Tiny task. This is a small software of about 2 MB. Or you can download this software by clicking on the button below.

This software works like an automatic machine that only needs to be run once, and then it runs automatically.

We will put an automatic account following loop in this software, after which it will work automatically, and our coins will continue to grow.

How to use

First, you have to go to Google and write addmefast there. The first official website will appear in front of you. You have to open it.

After the website opens, you have signed up for this website by clicking on the free registration button.

Then you have to log in your account. Remember that whatever process I am talking about is only for laptop and computer users. 

Because we are going to run an automatic machine loop, it will only run on laptops or computers.

Now you will need a fake Instagram account. With the help of which we will follow people and our coins will increase.

All you have to do is open this fake Instagram account in the second tap on your laptop. And now you have to go back to the addmefast website.

As soon as you click on Instagram followers, this website will give you some accounts that you must follow. Coins will increase in your account as you follow the accounts.

As soon as you have a lot of coins. Then I will tell you in the process how to get followers on your original Instagram account.

On the top left side of this website you will find a green color add option, you have to click on this option.

A menu will open in front of you. First, you have to select what you want to take into account. There you will find the full list of Facebook Followers Like or Instagram followers and likes.

Then you will get a small option worldwide. Clicking on it will get you followers from all over the world. But if you want to get followers from a specific country, you can also select them.

Then below you have to give the link of your account, on which you want to get followers or likes.

Below you will find the save changes button, as you click on it, you will get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes. In my opinion, this is by far the best and 100% working website.

If you take any service using this website, or you take Instagram followers, they will never drop.

Because all the people working on this website have created their own fake accounts and collect coins. Because it is their fake account, no one has enough time to unfollow the followed account again.

Is it Safe?

Whenever we talk about such a topic, the first question that comes to our mind is whether it would be okay to have followers on our account like this.

So I said yes, The special thing about this website is that you don't have to log in to your original account here. All you have to do is enter the link to your original account, on which you want to get Followers.

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