How to Make Blog on Banking Niche | Rank Banking Sites

How to make blog on Banking Niche

How to Make Blog on Banking Niche

You all know that I keep writing content related to blogging on my website. That's why if you want to take a blogging course and create your own website, you should visit my website thoroughly.

In today's article I will explain if we can work on a banking website and if we create a website on banking what will be the profit for us.

As I mentioned in the last few days, how can we create a website on health and what will be the benefits of it. In the same way, today I will tell you the benefits of banking website which will be much more amazing. And you will make a lot of money from it.

How to build a website is exactly like the one I just mentioned a few days ago on how you can start your own blogging business.

First, I would like to make it clear to you that creating a banking website does not mean that you should create an official website of any bank. You just have to write information about the bank on the website.

The biggest benefit of creating a banking website is that Google AdSense will give you a lot of money and your revenue will be boosted at once.


Before creating a website, the question that must come to your mind is what topic will we write content on after creating a website in this category?

This is very easy to make blog on banking niche because, You can publish any bank related information on your website.

To date, you will find the websites of all the banks that have been created for the convenience of the public on Google. From these websites you can publish the information of this bank.

Or you can post information about any bank loan on your website. If you can write an article on banking loans, Google AdSense will give you a lot of revenue and using this method you can earn money from Google AdSense.

You can write an article about which bank deducts how much money comes from other countries. Because a lot of people don't know these things, people search all these things on Google.

Remember to write as many articles as you can on your banking website! That their keywords should be very expensive.

Because if Google AdSense is offering high CPC on your keyword, you can also get $50 per ad click.

How to Rank

If you create a banking website, it can be much more difficult to rank because, the official website of all banks come on top.

But don't worry, you have to pay close attention to the title of your article because the more attractive the title, the more clicks your website will get.

Let's talk about how we can make money with Google AdSense, but is there any way or is there any third-party advertisement that we can use on our website! So yes, of course.

We can use Ezoic on our website. If you don't know what Ezoic is, I have already published a detailed article on it on the website.

You can only use this advertisement if your site has already been approved by Google AdSense. Ezoic will quadruple your earnings and your website will also rank higher on Google.

How to Start a Health Website & Earn Money

How to Start a Health Website

How to Start a Health Website

I know that so far I have provided all the information related to blogger on my website. I told you! How to start your own blogging business for free.

I have already told you a lot of topics on my website. You can build your website on any of these topics.

But in today's article, I will tell you how you can create a website on the topic of health. And how much revenue Google AdSense will give you by building a website on it.

If you start a health website on blogger, So blogger is a website where you can add any health related topic.

I will add my entire article in some sub-categories so that you people can easily understand.


If you know some tips to reduce obesity, then your website is going to rank very high on this topic because a lot of people search this topic.

By creating a website on health you can also cover such topics in which you can tell about everything from reducing obesity to full day diet.

The great thing about writing on this topic is that you will be able to create separate categories for men and women. In which you can also tell about the exercise of these two genders.

Yes, just like I mentioned in the previous article how you can start your own news website. And you can build your website on this topi by selecting any of the topics I am going to list below.


If you are creating a health related website, you can also review various medicines in it. That is, you can post the details of which medicine you can take at which time and which chemicals are included in it on your website.

If you don't have much information about medicines, you can go to Google and search for a single medicine separately. You will find many websites where you can collect a little of data and write your entire article.

Remember that! All you have to do is review the medicine on your website. That is, what chemicals are involved in it that make it a medicine. You didn't tell how to use it because you are not a doctor.

Medicine Market can be great topic for your website in which you can publish articles on your website about the prices of medicine. In which you can tell what is the price in the market and how much is usually available in medical stores.

Gym Exercises

If you are a boy, and you want to build a website on health topic, then a gym one size fits all will be best for you.

If you create a website related to Jim, you can tell about different exercises for different parts of the body. In which you can tell the exercise of six-pack abs and the exercise of gaining muscles.

I have seen a lot of applications on the Play Store that are made just about gym exercises and are downloaded in their millions.

This means that if you build your website on this topic, your website can get millions of traffic a month if you do a good SEO of your article.

How to Earn

In order to make money from any website, you need to get Google AdSense approval on this website.

Yes, if you want to make money from Google AdSense, then your site must be built on Google AdSense polices.

Your website must have at least 25 articles in order to approve Google AdSense. That means some content must be uploaded to your site. And secondly, the template of your blogger website should be the simplest.

As soon as your site approves Google AdSense, you will find ad units from Google AdSense that you will put on your website.

Every time people visit your site and click on these ads, Google AdSense will continue to give you their revenue. 

As traffic to your website grows over time, your revenue from Google AdSense will increase as the number of ad clicks on your site will increase.

The more expensive health-related keywords you write on your website, the more revenue Google AdSense will provide you.

If you are also wondering how we can maintain our website, I will publish it again in an article on this subject.

Blogger Templates | Full Responsive Blogger Templates 2021

Full Responsive Blogger Templates 2021

Full Responsive Blogger Templates 2021

If you have created your website on Blogger, then you must have searched for full responsive blogger templates on Google and YouTube.

Every blogger strives to make their website look good and simple. Because if your website is simple to look at, then the user will be able to easily search anything on it.

In today's article, I will tell you how to choose a blogger template for your website and which blogger template you can easily get Google AdSense approval.

There are many websites on Google that provide you with Blogger templates, and some of these are websites where you have to buy templates.

All these templates that I mentioned below is awesome, if you create your news website. A lot of peoples want to write content in Urdu, So choose any below website to get your blogger theme.

Theme Forest

This is a website where you will find numerous blogger templates that you can use to give your website a professional look.

All the templates on this website will be fully responsive, and you will find templates on different categories.

If you purchase any template from this website, you will have access to all the customizations in this template.

For example, you will be able to change the footer credit in this template. In addition, you will be able to customize the entire template to your liking.

Gooyaabi templates

In my opinion, the most used templates in the world of blogging are downloaded from this website.

Here you can find full responsive blogger templates for your upcoming blog websites.

If you want to start your own blogging business, I would advise you to buy your blog site template only from this website. This is the only site where you can buy the template, and you will find the template anyway.

The second-biggest advantage of the templates on this site is that all the templates are AdSense friendly. That means you can earn money with Google AdSense on your website.

After using the template of this website, you will get full access to the layout section. It means, you can use all the custom option like blogger draft etc.

How to Use

  • Open XML file on Notepad
  • Copy All code 
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Click on Theme 
  • Click on Edit HTML
  • Delete old code
  • Paste your copied code.
  • Click to save it

Now your website have new look and ready to get attracted by all new users. Now send your website to Google AdSense for Google Approved.

If your site has been approved by Google AdSense, you can also link your website with Ezoic. This will quadruple your earnings.

The Most expensive Keywords in 2021 | High CPC Content

Most expensive Keywords in 2021

Most expensive Keywords in 2021

If you have a website, whether it is built on Blogger or on WordPress. If you write some content on this website, then you will get approval from Google AdSense.

As you all know, I am telling you on my website how you can create your own website and how to make money with Google AdSense approval.

All that I have told you in the past. You can read the whole article by visiting my website.

Nowadays, I will tell you how to write content on your website. That means Google AdSense will pay you too much.

Google's approval is now available to almost everyone, but they do not know how to write content on their website. That is, they work hard but do not do smart work due to which they are able to generate less revenue.

But I will tell you what is the method or what are the topics on which you can make money from Google AdSense by writing content.


If you create a website and start telling about insurance on that website. Which company will insure you for how much, or how many people it can insure in the future.

If you post such content on your website after getting Google AdSense approval, if you get one click on a Google Ad, you will get 60 dollars for that click.

Insurance is a topic on which you can write a lot of content, that is, it is a never ending topic as much as you can write.


You may have laughed at the name of electricity, what can we write about electricity. But let me tell you — if you build your website on electricity, you will get 58 dollars per ad click.

If you are thinking that we will create a website about electricity but what to write on this website then let me tell you some topics.

You can write an article on your website according to your area, when the bill arrives and when it is paid.

Or you can write an article about the tax details on the electricity bill. In it, you can describe in your own words all the tax details on the bill, how many units of electricity have fallen so much that the bill has increased so much.


Banking Loans is my favorite content. That's why I want to create a website on this topic myself.

If you build a website on this topic, you will get 50 dollars per ad click, which means that if you get one hundred or two hundred ads clicks a day, you can easily make $5000.

Creating a banking website is not a difficult task. If you want to open a bank account, you can get a lot of information about the bank.

You can get information from them about getting a loan and repaying the loan, and you can publish the related information on the website.

Content about Degree

Coming to this option is going to change your view a bit because you can't create any website on this topic. Because you are not the owner of any college or university. 

So what do you do in such a situation if you can't give a degree to anyone? If you build a website on this topic.

You can tell about the degrees offered at schools, colleges, and universities in your country or area, or you can tell how you can get degrees online.

If you want to write content on degrees, you can also post information about degrees in other countries besides your country on your website.

Because if you live in Pakistani India and only write information about the degrees obtained in that place on your website, then your website will be able to collect very little money from Google AdSense. 

But if you write information about schools and colleges in the United States, you will be able to generate a lot of revenue.

I have told you as many keywords. It is the most expensive keywords in 2021 for Google AdSense. Which will generate a lot of revenue with very few ad clicks.

If your site is approved by Google AdSense on any of the above topics, you can quadruple your earnings by adding Ezoic Network ads to your website.

I hope that with the help of my given keywords your website will get a great boost. This will allow you to earn a lot of money from Google AdSense

How to Start a News Website in 2021

How to Start a News Website in 2021

Start a News Website in 2021

You will find many articles on my website in which I have explained how you can create a website for free. And how can you start your own blogging business?

I have explained to you the whole process from creating a website to monetizing it. But what if you want to make your website news related?

Can News Website Rank on Google in 2021? Or if we create a news website, will we be able to bring traffic to it?

I will explain to you step by step the whole process of starting a news website. It is very easy!

Catchy Domain name

Whether you are launching your website on Blogger or WordPress, you will definitely need a domain. 

After linking the domain with your website, your website will look professional and rank very easily on Google. But the condition is that you have purchased a domain of high authority.

If you're a new blogger, then I suggested you to buy am expire domain. Because, the authority of the expired domain is very high.

Choose Target Area

To create a news website, it is very important that you first make sure you know what area you are going to cover the news in.

If you want to start blogging on US, Then you get a very high CPC from Google AdSense when you write United States News.

Because news is a topic on which content can never end, that is, new news comes every day.

Website Design

If any of us start a new website, most people use a template that has a lot of animation. This kind of template is great for news website, but not good for Google AdSense at all.

This means that Google AdSense will approve your site only if your website is user-friendly. This means that any user can come to your website and read any news easily according to their taste.

Another disadvantage of an animation template is that if you use such a template, the loading speed of your website will be greatly increased.

Then even if one of your articles is ranking on Google, any user will click on this link but due to being an animation website your website will not open, and the user will fall back.

Choose Language

Language plays a very important role in creating any website. It depends on the language in which you want to publish news on your website.

If you follow my advice, I will tell you to be the first to publish news in English on your website. As soon as you get Google's approval, you can start publishing news in Hindi or you can write in Urdu.

I know you may have just wondered why we can't write news in Urdu on our website. If we live in Pakistan, then of course we will only publish Pakistani news. But why can't we write in Urdu?

Google AdSense has released a listing within its policy. Google AdSense will only approve websites that list Google AdSense. Urdu language is not included in this list. So if you write anything in Urdu on your website, you will not get Google AdSense approval.

But if you want to make money from Google AdSense and you want us to get Google AdSense ads so that we can earn a lot on our website, then you have to write in content English for that.

How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes


How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes

Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes

Social media has become an important part of our lives. Everyone wants to be aware of the latest news and technology.

Young people have become so addicted to social media that they want to be active on social media all the time.

But in today's article, I will tell you how to get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes. You may have used a lot of websites, but you will not get Instagram free followers.

The website I am going to tell you about is already on Google. But very few people know this website.

Using this website, you can quickly follow followers on your Instagram account. You can get likes on any post.

The feature of this website is that it provides its services on all kinds of social media accounts. 

If you have created a blog to make money, you can get a lot of traffic to your blog by using this website. This website has 20+ features.


  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Share
  • Facebook Followers
  • Facebook Post Like
  • FB Post Share
  • Reddit Members
  • Reddit Upvotes
  • Telegram Channels
  • Instagram Followers
  • Instagram Likes
  • TikTok Followers
  • TikTok Video Likes
  • Twitter Followers
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Twitter Retweets
  • Twitter Likes
  • YouTube Subscribe
  • YouTube Likes
  • YouTube Views
  • Twitch Followers
  • Website Hits
  • Pinterest Save
  • Pinterest Followers
  • Likee Followers/Fans

Yes you can get any of all the above options on this website. Now let's talk about how this website works and how we can use it.

You will need some coins to get any social media service on this website. If you follow an account using this website, your coins will increase.

If you refer this website to a friend, this website will give you 300 coins absolutely free. But if you need a lot of Instagram followers on your account.

So you can also buy coins from this website. But I will show you an easy way to increase your coins automatically.

First you have to go to Google and download a software called Tiny task. This is a small software of about 2 MB. Or you can download this software by clicking on the button below.

This software works like an automatic machine that only needs to be run once, and then it runs automatically.

We will put an automatic account following loop in this software, after which it will work automatically, and our coins will continue to grow.

How to use

First, you have to go to Google and write addmefast there. The first official website will appear in front of you. You have to open it.

After the website opens, you have signed up for this website by clicking on the free registration button.

Then you have to log in your account. Remember that whatever process I am talking about is only for laptop and computer users. 

Because we are going to run an automatic machine loop, it will only run on laptops or computers.

Now you will need a fake Instagram account. With the help of which we will follow people and our coins will increase.

All you have to do is open this fake Instagram account in the second tap on your laptop. And now you have to go back to the addmefast website.

As soon as you click on Instagram followers, this website will give you some accounts that you must follow. Coins will increase in your account as you follow the accounts.

As soon as you have a lot of coins. Then I will tell you in the process how to get followers on your original Instagram account.

On the top left side of this website you will find a green color add option, you have to click on this option.

A menu will open in front of you. First, you have to select what you want to take into account. There you will find the full list of Facebook Followers Like or Instagram followers and likes.

Then you will get a small option worldwide. Clicking on it will get you followers from all over the world. But if you want to get followers from a specific country, you can also select them.

Then below you have to give the link of your account, on which you want to get followers or likes.

Below you will find the save changes button, as you click on it, you will get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes. In my opinion, this is by far the best and 100% working website.

If you take any service using this website, or you take Instagram followers, they will never drop.

Because all the people working on this website have created their own fake accounts and collect coins. Because it is their fake account, no one has enough time to unfollow the followed account again.

Is it Safe?

Whenever we talk about such a topic, the first question that comes to our mind is whether it would be okay to have followers on our account like this.

So I said yes, The special thing about this website is that you don't have to log in to your original account here. All you have to do is enter the link to your original account, on which you want to get Followers.

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What is Ezoic? | Requirements & Full Review


What is Ezoic

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a partner of Google and is also used for advertising. You could say that ezoic is a Google Certified Platform.

Because ezoic is a new platform, but still more than ten thousand websites have been added to ezoic so far.

Ezoic works like an artificial intelligence that can give your website a great boost.

If you want to start your own blog, I would recommend that you use Ezoic's platform advertising.

Ezoic can not only increase the revenue of your website but also speed up your website a lot. That is, Ezoic works like a plugin in itself.

In my article, I will only share my experience with Ezoic and not just upload content from their original website and upload it here.

So if you want to start your own blogging business or build your own website on WordPress, what would Ezoic be for you?

As I told you in detail above, what is ezoic? and let's talk about some of Ezoic's reviews.

How Ezoic Works?

ezoic is an advertising platform that charges brand promotions from large companies and runs its ads on different websites for brand advertising.

Just like we make money from Google AdSense by putting ads on our website, we can make money from ezoic by putting ads on ezoic .

Because ezoic is an AI platform, it can choose the best ad for your website, from which you can earn a lot.


Just as each platform has some requirements, Ezoic also has some requirements for its users.

The first and biggest requirement for ezoic is that you must have Google AdSense approval, then you will be able to add your website to Ezoic.

The second-biggest requirement of Ezoic is that the content on your website should not be copyrighted, meaning that whatever content you write on your website should be your own content.

Ezoic Full Review

As I mentioned above, I am going to share my experience with Ezoic. 

So if you are making great money from Google AdSense, but you want to make more money from your website. I mean, if you want to double your earnings and that's why you're using ezoic, let me tell you a few things.

My own experience with Ezoic has been bad because if your website has been rejected from Ezoic, Google AdSense ads on your site will be blocked for a week.

This means that if you reject as much as you used to earn in a week with the help of Google AdSense after applying on Ezoic, you will not get a single rupee this week.

Overall, Ezoic has its advantages and disadvantages. Now let's assume that we've got our website approved on Ezoic and how much our revenue can increase now.

Ezoic will analyze your entire site and after analyzing it will replace Google AdSense ads where they see that they have less CPC.

Yes, there is always a battle between Google AdSense and Ezoic over who gives high CPC ads to users' websites.

And the full benefit of this thing goes to the owner of the website because if the ad with high CPC comes to his website and clicks on this ad then the owner of this website will get more money.

Because we are doing a full review of Ezoic, it is important to mention how long it takes for your website to get Ezoic Approved.

Just as each platform has a different way to apply for website monetization, so does ezoic have a different way to apply.

Here are some steps to apply for monetization of your website on ezoic platform. And some of these tapes can take at least two weeks to complete.

All this information on how to connect your website with ezoic platform will be available on Ezoic's official website.

I hope you have a good understanding of what ezoic is and how to use it.