Google AdSense New Updates 2021 | New Interface & Settings


Google AdSense New Updates

Google AdSense New Updates

The platform keeps updating itself for its own improvement and to provide the best possible environment to its users. In the same way, there are many and many new updates of Google AdSense in 2021 which not many people knew about. Today I will tell them in some detail which Google AdSense has been updated.

If you want to make money with Google AdSense, you will definitely have a website, or you are working on a YouTube channel that Google AdSense is paying you. But what updates have come in 2021 that have completely changed the Google AdSense interface and now in 2021 we see a new interface.

AdSense Update for Websites

Because our website is related to Blogger, I will talk about the website first. In the past when we used to send our website to Google AdSense for under review, the interface of Google AdSense changed completely, but now it is not like that at all.

Speaking of which, when I applied my website for Google AdSense, first I had to create an account on Google AdSense, then my account was reviewed by Google AdSense and after two weeks or three weeks. Google AdSense approves my account. Only then could I add my website to Google AdSense, but not anymore. Now the whole interface has changed.

But now if we apply for our website on Google AdSense after the new update coming in 2021, first we are given a form on which we have to enter our information. Here are three steps that, once completed, our website will automatically go to Google AdSense Review. This means that what used to take two to three weeks to verify an account is no longer relevant.

The first of the three steps I am telling you is to update your payment profile. You have to enter the address to which your payment will arrive. The next step is to install a Google Ad on your website. And within the third step, you have to submit your website for Google AdSense approval.

It doesn't matter if your site is on Blogger or you have purchased a domain from Go Daddy. You can apply your website for Google AdSense. Because blogger is a tool of Google, you can still get your website approved by Google AdSense if you have not purchased the domain.

AdSense Update For YouTube

Just as Google AdSense has changed its interface for the new website, so to Google AdSense has changed its interface for the YouTube channel. That is, when we first met the criteria of our YouTube channel, which required 4,000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers, then we could apply for Google AdSense.

But within the new update, you will not be able to see your earnings in Google AdSense. As soon as you open Google AdSense, Google AdSense will redirect you to your YouTube channel. You can view YouTube money in your YouTube dashboard, you don't need to come in Google AdSense.

The biggest update from YouTube for creators. That is, we had to submit our tax information to YouTube, in which YouTube stated that if your channel received views from Canada and the US, you would have to pay 20% of your earnings to YouTube.

In addition to the monetization of YouTube, there are other requirements that have to be met. In which some verification is required, and address verification is required, then as soon as any user fulfills all these requirements then Google AdSense account is ready. And now he can easily take his payments into his account.

So these are some of the important updates that we got to see in 2021 from Google AdSense. In addition, every platform keeps updating. If there is a new update, I will definitely include it in this article. I hope you guys liked this article. If you guys have read this article and got some help, then don't hesitate to follow me on my Instagram account.

How to use Pinterest for Business | BayBasBlogger


How to use Pinterest for Business

How to use Pinterest for Business?

You use any social media platform and want your content to reach people, and in this cycle you have created many more social media accounts. So Pinterest account must be one of them.

Pinterest is a high authority website used for business, but because we talk about blogging on our website. That's why I will show you how we can increase the traffic to our website using Pinterest.

If you want to make money from your website through Google AdSense, then it is important that your website gets a lot of traffic. Because if a visitor comes to your website, then you will get revenue from Google AdSense.

Create Account on Pinterest

The first thing you have to do is go to Google and search for Pinterest. You have to open whatever website you find first. As soon as you open the website, you will see the login button. You can also log in to this website through your Google account.

If you log in to your account through Google, you will not need to enter a password. And if you set a password, you may forget that password in the future, so it is significant that you log in with your Google account. You will log in with Google, you will not need password.

How to work on Pinterest?

Pinterest Social Media Platform is very different from other social media platforms because here you will not need followers to work. You can view the post according to your interest in following any profile. That means you will also get videos, and you will also get pictures, with the help of which you can get different types of information.

First, let's talk about profile setting. As soon as you create your Pinterest account, you have to go to your profile and make settings. In which you can set the username of your profile, and also you can change your logo.

The most interesting thing about the profile setting is that you can claim your social media accounts there. For example, if I have a website and I want to put it on a Pinterest account, then Pinterest will give me a code that I will put on my website and verify my website. After which, my website will be claimed on my Pinterest account, and it will be proved that it is my website.

Working on Pinterest is so much easier, you have to log in to your account. And after logging in, you will be taken to the homepage of your account, on the left side of which three options will appear. One of these options will be called create. You have to click on this option, and then you have to create a pin.

Now a new interface will open in front of you in which you have to write the title of your post, write a little description about your post and upload the image in a good format. Here are three things you need to do to get a link to your website. This is the only way you can send traffic from Pinterest to your website.

Because Pinterest is a high authority website, if it goes viral on Google very quickly, then definitely your website will get a lot of traffic. So this is a very easy way to get traffic to your website.

If you have a website, and it is also approved by Google AdSense, but your website is not getting traffic, then this website is of no use. The most important thing is to get traffic and then increase your earnings. That's why it's significant to work on your website traffic as much as possible, because the more traffic you have, the more revenue you can get from Google AdSense.

How do you Get Paid for Blogging?


How do you Get Paid for Blogging?

How do you Get Paid for Blogging?

If you want to become a blogger and make money by building your own website, then one question that must have come to your mind is how a website can give us money. And how can we transfer money to our bank?

The first thing we do is create a website, then write content on it and when we have our website ready, then we apply for Google AdSense. We can make money from our website as soon as we get approval from Google AdSense.

If you talk about creating a website on Blogger, you will find a lot of topics to create a website. But I would suggest that you build a website on banking or health topics. Because Google AdSense will give you a lot of revenue on this topic.

If you have created a website and got it approved by Google AdSense, now you will be very worried about the payment and how we will receive the payment generated here.

When you submit your website for approval, Google visits it in its entirety. That is, if your website meets the stated policies of Google, then Google approves it, otherwise your website is rejected.

In order to receive payment from Google AdSense you need to perform some verification after which you can transfer your payment to your bank account. It also includes many other types, for example photos of your national ID card and a pin code is sent to your address which verifies your address.

If I talk a little more in detail, Google AdSense does not send the AdSense verification pin to your address until your AdSense account is ten dollars complete. But as soon as you get ten dollars or more than ten dollars, Google sends a pin to the address on your ID card. You can link your bank account only by putting this pin on your account.

Google AdSense has another limitation, in which Google states that your payment can only be credited to your bank account once your Google AdSense account has become a hundred dollars or more. That is, there is a threshold after which your payment issued.

The Google AdSense payment sent to your bank account on the 21st of each month and reaches your account by the 27th of this month.

If your payment sent on the 21st day of each month, and you have to receive the payment on the 27th day but in the meantime if Saturday and Sunday come then these days are not counted.

Remember that your payment will be sent to your bank account at the dollar rate. That is, on the 21st of each month, your payment is sent to your bank account. Whatever the dollar rate on that day, your payment will be calculated accordingly.

Bank charges

If you live in Pakistan, you have to keep in mind that whenever a payment comes to Pakistan from a foreign country, some tax is levied on it by the Pakistani government. There are many banks in Pakistan which have different tax rates, but I would advise you to use UBL account as UBL is the only bank that charges the lowest tax.

UBL Bank in Pakistan deducts Rs. 580 from your monthly payment. This means that UBL Bank will always deduct Rs. 580 from your monthly payments, no matter how much you receive.

WHT (With Holding Tax)

The government deducts this tax from your account only when your payment is more than fifty thousand from abroad. That is, if your payment is more than fifty thousand from Google AdSense, you will have to pay WTH tax on this amount.

If I tell you in percentage, you will have to pay 2% tax on your total amount to the government.

But if you register your bank account with FBR then you have to pay 5% annual tax to FBR which will be 5% of your annual income.

No matter how much your payment is, it is securely transferred to your bank account, meaning that if for any reason your payment is not received in your bank account, you can contact the Google AdSense team and contact them. Can talk, But to this day I have not had to talk to the Google team because I get my payment within five days.

How to Change Favicon on Blogger | Make Favicon for your Website

Make Favicon For Your Blogger Website

 Change Favicon on Blogger

Hello Everyone! I have started a series on my channel which explains how you can create your own website and how to earn money by getting it approved by Google AdSense. If you guys haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, subscribe now.

In today's article, I will tell you how we can change favicon on blogger website. I mean if you also have a website on Blogger then you must have noticed one thing that Blogger by default favicon people keep coming on top of your website.

But how can we use our own logo instead of the default favicon? 


You have to look at some requirements to get your own favicon. Blogger says your favicon must be less than 100 KB in size and your favicon must be square.

This is a great idea if you already have a logo for your website. But if you want to create a new logo for your website then for that I would advise you that you can use Canva website. Because there, you don't have to work hard to make your logo square.

If you are creating a logo for your website using Canva, then your logo size may be too large. Because if we put the logo on Blogger, all we have to do is use a logo that is 100 KB or less in size.

Now I will tell you about a website where you can compress any image and make it smaller. This means that you can not only reduce the size of the logo, but you can also reduce the size of all the images on your website, which will speed up your website a lot.

Change Favicon on Blogger

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Favicon Option
  • Click on Choose file
  • Save your Favicon


Best Google AdSense Alternative | Earn Money with Adsterra


Best Google AdSense Alternative

Best Google AdSense Alternative

If you have been visiting my website for a long time, I will tell you that I upload blogging related content to my website. In which I will tell you how to create a website and how you have to work on this site.

If you research what topic you want to build your website on, you will find a lot of topics. But what if you don't get Google AdSense approval even if you build a website on your topic, and you don't have Google Ad on your site, then how can you make money from your website?

It is not necessary that you only place Google AdSense ads on your website, as there are many more ad networks in the market today that you can use to add ads to your website, and You also get paid.

I have come up with another Google AdSense Alternative for you that I use myself, and I would advise you to use it. Because after using this ad network you can earn very good.

The first thing you have to do is go to Google and search for Adsterra. As soon as you find the official website, you have to open it. After opening, you have to sign up on this website as a publisher.

A pop-up will open in front of you as soon as you sign up. Inside this you have to write the domain of your website. I mentioned in the previous article how can we purchase domain from GoDaddy, you have to write the same domain here.

After writing the domain, you have to select the category of your website. If your website is social, then you will select social. If your website is related to education, then you will select the education button. After that your website will be up, and you will also see the ad code button.

Apply ads on Website

Most people don't know about the ad code format, so let me tell you today that there are three types of ads that are most commonly used on your website.

The first ad that appears as soon as our website opens is called a header ad which is 60 to 720 in size. And there are many sizes, but we are going to use native ads, which are much easier to see and place.

One thing I forgot to mention above is that even if you don't have a domain and your website is built on Blogger, you can still use this network. That means you don't have to have a link to your website domain if you want to add ads to your website.

As soon as you select your favorite ad format, you will be given a code. You have to copy this code, and it comes to your blogger dashboard. Inside the post you have written, you have to view the HTML and paste the code wherever you want to put the ad.

How the ads placed on your website look will depend on which Blogger template you are using on your website. Because every time the design of paint is different, and every person customizes it according to his interest.

CPC Rate in Adsterra

The Best google Absence alternative for small websites is only Adsterra. Because of this ad network, you also get high CPC ads if your website is built on a topic that has a very high ad rate.

For example, if you have created a website on banking, the rate of all the ads placed on your website will be very high. And whatever the ad network is, whether it's Google AdSense or Adsterra, it will give you high CPC.

Payment Methods

As each ad network gives you the facility of payment method i.e. you can select whatever payment method is available and take your payment. In return for all the ads you put on your website.

You must have at least $100 in your account if you want your payment to be in bitcoin. Only then can you apply for payment. But if you want to withdraw a few dollars like me, then you have to select Payment Method Web Money.

Because if you select web money, you can withdraw it only after it becomes five dollars. This means that if you select the web money method, you will not have to wait until it becomes a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars.


Get Traffic From Quora | Drive Traffic to your Website

How to Get Traffic From Quora

Get Traffic From Quora

Hope you all are well. And in today's article, I will tell you how we can bring traffic to our website. In the previous post, I explained how we can bring traffic from Facebook to our website.

Many people think that creating a website and getting it approved by Google AdSense is the most difficult task. But in my opinion, the most difficult task is to bring traffic to your website. Because as long as there is no traffic to your site, the approval of Google AdSense will be of no use as your earnings will be nil.

If you want to make money with Google AdSense by blogging, it is important that you bring traffic to your website. And there are many ways to bring traffic, but I will tell you how we can bring traffic to our website through Quora

This is a very simple resource and very few people know about it, but I will tell you in detail today how we can bring traffic to our website.

First, you have to open your Google Chrome and go to Google and search for Quora. As soon as you search for it, the first website in front of you will be the official Quora website. You have to open this website. 

The first thing you need to do after opening is to sign up for this website. You can also use your Google Account to sign up.

As soon as you create an account on Quora, first you have to enter all the information on your profile. If you do not, your Quora account will be closed within a week. That's why it's important that as soon as you create an account, the first thing you require to do is complete your profile information.

You have to work on Quora, so it is significant to know what Quora is and what people do on this site. So let me tell you Quora is an official website of Question & Answers. On which people ask different kinds of questions and the rest of the people who are answer them. This means that you can go to this website and ask questions and answer.

But one question that may come to your mind is how we will drive traffic to our website using Quora. So whenever you answer a question related to your website, you can attach a link to your website at the end of this answer or in the middle of this answer, anywhere.

Create Spaces

If you talk more about Quora, you can create your own space on this website. This means that you have to create space, just like we used to create groups on Facebook. Inside, you can write your own questions and answers. If you do not have both, you can publish your article in it.

If you want to write an article, you have to copy a little article from your website. After copying, you have to add the URL of your website below and write below that you can read by clicking on this URL if you want to read more. This allows people to visit your website through your Quora account and increase the number of users on your website.

If you are from Pakistan, then you can only drive traffic to your website through Quora. But if you belong to another country, you can also earn money by writing articles on Quora. Yes Quora also allows its users to make money, but that option is not yet available in Pakistan or India.

One of you may be wondering how the traffic from Quora will be for our website. So this is a great question if any of you have this question in mind. Traffic from Quora is called social traffic because Quora is used for question and answers. If you search anything on Google, you will see some questions below, All those questions are asked on Quora.

Whatever the social platform, if you get traffic from it, your website should have more organic traffic first. Because if organic traffic is low and social traffic is high, your ads will have an ad limit. This will stop AdSense ads from coming to your website and your revenue will be zero.

How to Get More Traffic on Facebook Business Page


How to Get More Traffic on Facebook Business Page

How to Get More Traffic on Facebook Business Page?

In my opinion, Facebook is a platform that millions of people are using. Facebook has a lot of uses, but most people use it to make connections with other people, i.e., now they can make new friends using Facebook and talk to them.

But now the era has changed completely as Facebook is also being used in business. A lot of people do their business on Facebook, like if you create your own page on Facebook you can sell products through Amazon with traffic locker on it.

But our topic is how you can drive traffic to the website using Facebook. That is, we will use Facebook to our advantage to increase traffic to our website and get us more revenue from Google AdSense.

Create Business Page

The first way is to create a page on Facebook. I hope everyone has a Facebook account these days. So if you also have a Facebook account, you can easily credit the Facebook page on it, and you can publish your website article on this Facebook page.

Try to do good SEO whenever you start publishing your website post on Facebook page. Because if you write a good post and publish it, they will get medical attention and the traffic to your Facebook page will increase. And if there is traffic to your Facebook page, then there is definitely traffic to your website.

But if there are very few views on your Facebook post and there are not many followers on your Facebook page, then you must share your Facebook post in different groups. Because if you don't share, users will not come to your website and earning on your website will also decrease.

One thing you should always remember is that Facebook does not promote multiple link tigers. This means that after some time, Facebook may block your link, so if possible, you can link your website to a different group that you have already joined. You have to go to the comment box and paste your website link.

If you are a new blogger, and you have recently created your own website, I would advise you to create a page on Facebook and publish the link of your website there and share it. But if you are a very old user, and you want to make some investment in your business, then you can resort to Facebook Ad.

Facebook Ads 

Promoting your website through Facebook can be of great benefit to you. Because Facebook burns the user so that they can send the target audience to their website. So if you want to invest in your business, that business can give you double the profit.

The biggest advantage of using Facebook Ads is that you can target high CPC Countries. This means that if you bring traffic to your website from Pakistan or India, then Google AdSense will give you very low CPC. But if you drive traffic from countries like the United States or the United States, Google AdSense will give you a very high CPC. And your earnings will boost instantly.

Another great benefit of Facebook is that all your friends on Facebook will be able to see your post. This means that if you publish a link to your website on your Facebook account, that post or that link will be visible to all your friends in your ID. And if they are interested in this topic, they will definitely visit your website.

Now I will tell you the method that I use myself. I have a lot of Facebook accounts. And I have created a page on each Facebook account. I publish the link to my website on my Facebook page and then share it with different groups and people through my separate account from there. Many visitors come from Facebook daily.

If you also have many Facebook accounts, one more thing you need to keep in mind is that you can join a group on Facebook related to the topic you have written an article on your website. All you have to do is join the group related to the content you have posted on your website. The advantage of this is that you will be able to take the target audience to your website.